What is Satanism?

In outlining my plans for future posts, there is the phantom voice in my head that speaks on part of the layperson Though I had initially rallied against trying to educate, but more to express my own learning, I am finding the two nearly inseparable. So in these initial diatribes, you’ll find me rehashing the same things that are readily available in multiple forms of modern media.

What is Satanism?

To paraphrase it is an version of atheism that celebrates man true nature and tendencies towards the carnal. It throws out dogmatic laws or the idea that the soul and body are two separate entities bound for different fates. We are simply animals on a planet that, through millions of years of evolution, has brought us the enlightenment to rise up to a bipedal state and allow us question our own good fortune. Man created the Gods and scriptures, not the other way around. These scriptures bind our hands and blind out eyes and teach us to fight against our true instincts and the nature of man. Satanism is the adversary to such mindless zealotry. It is not a celebration of “evil” or worship of an imaginary figure. It is a celebration of life, dignity, intelligence and indulgence!

Satanism is NOT devil worship.

In fact, the idea of worshiping a red skinned satyr is just as absurd as worshiping an aged bearded man in the clouds. It is little more than a fairy tale. The word Satan means “adversary” and that’s what it is, an adversary to organized religions that would enslave us and warp our minds into herd mentality.

So why the devilish symbols and blasphemy?

It’s all symbolic. Symbols hold a lot of power behind them. Look at the Crucifix, the Swastika, the Star of David. With a look you can see and recognize a whole walk of life, a whole society, an entire ideology with just a glance. Satanism is no different. The importance of symbolism to the mind of man is undeniable and very powerful. It makes heavy use of “psychodrama” or a mental and physical immersion to add weight and sincerity to the practices and beliefs.

What about the rituals and curses?

There again, symbolic. All churches and faiths have rituals. The eating of the communion wafer, baptisms, the Jewish Bris Ceremony. All of these are common place and equally as absurd as any destruction ritual a Satanist may perform. The difference is the Satanist does it all for him or herself, behind closed doors, with only their most trusted conclave in attendance. No multi-million dollar temples or scrutinized productions. The rituals  add to the immersion and allow ones mind to purge, through symbols and psycho drama, their angst or project their desires into the universe. There are no dying virgins, or stolen babies involved.

So no one gets hurt then?

The harming of animals or children as well as unprovoked violence, especially rape,  against men or women is reprehensible. It is vile, and has no place in a cultured and civilized society, much less in an organization that prides itself on celebrating this vital existence. The Satanic tenets espouse responsibility to the responsible. This means that rapists, thieves, criminals have no place, in society, or among the members of the church of Satan. Such grotesque monsters like “The Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez decry a love of Satan and take every chance to scrawl pentagrams on walls and shout “Hail Satan” to anyone who will listen. These creatures worship Satan as an entity, as a demonic figure from an abyss of Hell who physically manifests and walks among us and causes the evil in the world. This is absurd and as equally as nonsensical as Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy. They are not Satanists.

Where can I learn more?

Start here, the official website is a wealth of knowledge. Copies of The Satanic Bible are numerous and cheap and readily available. Anton LaVey was an articulate speaker and a great writer. Magus Peter H Gilmore is much the same and both have many published essays that expand well on the basic principles.

Be wary looking at documentaries and biased media interviews and propaganda films. The only “official” documentary to my knowledge is Satanis: The Devil’s Mass. Filmed in 1970 it has sit down interviews and many anecdotal tales with the founding members and shows an in depth history of its congregation. Any other documentaries that don’t have Magus Gilmore, or any other officiating members of the CoS involved are likely little more than propaganda designed to fan the flames of the “Satanic Panic” that started in the 80s.

One thought on “What is Satanism?

  1. To me, LaVeyan satanism is similar to the love for heavy metal. Atheism may use the same philosophy as this form of satanism but it’s packaged in a way that reverberates with me. I looked up satanism not because I suddenly wanted to perform human sacrifices but because the imagery is sexy and alluring. What offends some makes me smile.

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