A Wolf in the Herd

In the six months since starting this blog I have learned much about myself, and more about Satanism than I thought I could. My initial declarations and verbal defiance rang loudly and succeeded in drawing that line in the sand I so desperately sought. Now that the dust has cleared, so to speak, and I look back I have realized that my howls to the moon, my righteous indignation was actually counter productive to the goals I had, and in fact flew in the face of what Satanism stands for.

Who knew that by declaring my allegiance so loudly, by dividing myself from the world around me that I would actually take two steps back in my journey? It was an unforeseen wrinkle in the road map. A speed bump in the road of progress.

But why?

Anyone uninitiated would think that this adversarial, combative nature  would behoove a Satanist. After all we oppose all forms of theism and religious doctrine. We decry herd mentality and the TRUE sins of man. So then why would my verbal declarations and worldly opposition be seen as unseemly or counter productive to my over all goals?

Wearing my sigil of Baphomet out in the open and calling attention to the satanic scriptures at every opportunity was actually cauterizing my relationships. It was polarizing the people closest to me, and put me at odds with the people to whom I am employed. For one seeking indulgence and a life of satisfying existence, it was causing more problems than it was solving.

Anton LaVey wrote: “The real satanist is not quite so easily recognized as such”. What he meant was that we, as Satanists, operate better in a veil of secrecy. The idea of a Satanist, no matter how cordial, friendly, or well dressed, puts people at odds, it makes them defensive. Thus they are less susceptible to manipulations, or Lesser magic, a topic that I will not divulge the secrets to in this post.

I learned that my antics, mild and well intended as they were, came across as, what established Satanists call, “First Phase”. That is literally the first phase a Satanist goes through when they come into the fold. Where the individual does just as I did, they use their new outlook and enlightenment to try and fix the wrongs of the word, often times with force or aggressive measure.

I have since, in talking with more learned men and women, learned to scale back. I’ve learned to bite my tongue and smile more, to put my sigil away and replace it with a firm hand shake and a quick wit. I’ve learned to wear a sheep skin in the presence of those who would cast me out for my beliefs.

And it is a very powerful feeling.

To move among the herd, as a wolf, but accepted as a sheep has paid dividends unimaginable. A new home, a promotion at work, immensely satisfying relationships (both sexual and platonic) with those in my life.

This is the first and only secret of Lesser Magic I will go into here: The people it works best on, are the people who have no idea you are using it.

So when faced with a situation where you will be constantly at odds with those around you, be it social or professional, tuck the sigil away, try a shade of clothing other than black, smile genuinely, and be the wolf in the herd.

The rewards you reap will justify the shit you have to deal with.

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