Vampires Among Us

There are vampires among us. Make no mistake.

They do not wear capes and cowls, nor are they immortal or even drink blood. If they did, I might in fact carry a measure of respect for them, but as it stands these vampires are not so aesthetically charged, nor are they as powerful.

The vampires of which I speak are of a much more repugnant sort.

Psychic Vampires.

These are people, creatures really, that infiltrate our lives and leech our very essence from us. They take up our time, our resources, sometimes even our money.  They are the people you are making excuses not to see. The people you quietly resent or dread seeing or having to deal with. The people that exhaust you just by having to fake sincerity and grace with.

We all know them. You may not recognize them as such, as they wear many faces. They are best presented as examples.

The girlfriend who has no sense of self beyond who ever she is dating. No job, no ambition, the only thing she offers is sex in return for a prepackaged life.

The emotionally abusive “friend” who either drinks too much, or parties to hard and flies off the handle, whether out in public or in private. The smallest things ted to set them off and they rely on you to deescalate or “talk them down”, often saying things like “Tell me why I shouldn’t be upset?” or “Give me one reason I should do x,yz…”

Third, and this is the one that speaks to me the closest: the perpetually suicidal person. They are always on the verge, or making half hearted attempts at suicide, and yet never seek professional help. They would rather keep you on the phone all night, sacrificing your sleep, your job, your livelihood, in order to “save their life.”

To the last ones, I say, shit or get off the pot. Either do it, or get to a hospital and start affecting real change.

I love the people in my life, I would NEVER want to see them take their own lives or harm themselves. I care perhaps too much and I wish to share in all the joys and splendors.

The however is I am not equipped to even attempt treating suicidal thoughts or depression.

If you or someone you know is suicidal. They need professional help, I an’t say it any clearer. If they refuse they are a PSYCHIC VAMPIRE.

I present the example of the cuckoo bird.

The female cuckoo bird will lay her egg in the nest of smaller weaker birds and upon hatching their chick will push the other smaller birds out of the nest to starve and die. The mother bird, seeing this bird shaped imposter, will feel a responsibility to it and feed it as her own, to the detriment of her own offspring.

That is how they get you, they make you feel responsible.

Be it with guilt, “You’re the only one who understands me…”

With sentiment, “We’ve just been friends for so long…”

Or emotional blackmail, “Well I guess I should never have helped you back when…”

Satanic statement #6 states responsibility to the responsible, instead of concern for these psychic vampires!

So what is the cure? A stake in the heart is just as effective against them as anyone, but extremely illegal, though could be satisfying.

The first option is to confront them. Flat and clinical, tell them they are taking advantage of you and unless they make serious changes, you are going to cut them off. This may work, if they are a true friend, but they will have to make many long term sacrifices. If this works you will have helped enrich their life for the better, and good for you!

Ultimately however, escape is the only option. Cut them free of your life. It will hurt at first, nostalgia or familial obligations often are the hardest bonds to break. Once you do however, your life will begin to grow, you as a person will be able to flourish without wasting these precious resources on ingrates!

So be vigilant! Be aware and be strong. It is your life, your vital existence, cherish it, nurture it and do not let others take from you freely!


2 thoughts on “Vampires Among Us

  1. My brother doesn’t really fit into the three categories you mentioned but he is definitely a vampire.

    Constant negativity is draining to yourself and everyone around you. Tone of voice can have a very strong affect on those you interact with. If you are constantly judgemental, constantly negative, constantly complaining, you will create your own reality. This is the vampire that I had to get away from. 3hours/yr is my limit lol

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