Our Brave New World

I recently saw a video talking about “The problem with millennials in the work force of today.”

It took me a while to realize why this rubbed me wrong. I’m barely not a millennial, but I’m barely old enough to be a Generation X, but I’ve been around long enough, and worked in enough markets to have seen that the “workplace of today” died before the current shift even started.

Now anything taken to an extreme can be harmful, but the idea of technology or social media “addiction” is already a dated idea.

Social media and integration with the “Cloud” and other technology that keeps us plugged in isn’t going away. The constant mentality is that in order to solve this “problem”, people need to step away, or go without, or retool their lives to an older, simpler way of life.

I work in IT and I face this “future resistant” thinking all the time. “Back before all this…” or “It was so much better when it was simpler…”

As an example, providers at the hospitals I work for can now sign and send prescriptions directly to a patients pharmacy. Simple, neat and easy right? Well this system requires extra authentication, and more steps for the doctor to execute this. Most doctors are older and are incensed that this “burden” has shifted onto them.

One doctor said, verbatim: “I used to sign a slip of paper, hand it to them, off they went, nothing could be simpler.”

Except that it wasn’t. Those RX papers had to be ordered, printed, securely delivered, signed for, then distributed. Same with the pen he used when he scribbled his chicken scratch signature on the paper.

Then that paper, had to be transported by the patient, and provided it wasn’t lost or destroyed, was then dropped off, then processed by a pharmacy tech. It had to be called in, authorized with insurance, interpreted, and then once the verification came back, then the pharmacist could print out the label, measure it, bag it up, and then provide it.

With the e-scription, the prescription verifies, sends, and authorizes, all automatically. It even prints out the label at the pharmacy of choice, resulting in less time, less waste and an easier time.

But to the doctor, they could give a shit about any of that, they just want THEIR version of easy.

People keep looking at millennials as causing all these problems, they just want their VERSION of easy and simple back. Now because human advancements are taking off without them, it’s a problem of today’s generation, not their slipping grip on the current paradigm.


The truth is we, the modern work force, including the millennials featured in this piece,  work harder, smarter and with more efficiency than anyone before. Millionaires are made younger and people reach success faster than ever. Though most often shackled with crushing debt that will never go away and into a world that doesn’t want a result that doesn’t have a sweaty “honest” hand attached to it, regardless how much better it is in the long run.

This focuses primarily on work place conduct and the way things are. Now, honestly, anyone reading this knows that we, of the Alien Elite, work with how things ARE, not some future pipe dream, but we know this is not the mainstream thinking. With that, the ability to unplug, or work online, to create in a real space or a virtual space, will only benefit us and complete our modern personage.

It’s worth mentioning too that the nature of relationships has changed a great deal. I keep many valued friends on line that I have only ever spoken to in a message. I value those interactions and refuse to let that value tarnish because the old way of thinking prevents it from being “real” simply because it is all hosted online.

Intimacy is difficult to upkeep, and there is a lot that can be done and said in person that cannot online, I concede that point. A healthy romance or intimate relationship needs physical contact, you need inflection and tone in your voice, and ultimately, lesser magic works best in person.

That said, I say fuck unplugging. The world I live in is half online, half in the physical. I personally have no issue balancing and reaping the rewards of both. The old guard is dead and the brave new world is upon us. Get on board, or get left behind, bitter and cursing about “the good old days.”


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