The Many Faces of Fear

The banner of Satanism is one of on strength, pride, logic, reason, defiance, integrity, responsibility, and of course, carnal indulgence.

Satanists are a collective of autonomous individuals all working to better themselves and further their own ends. We champion individual freedom, and hold ourselves to a higher standard of competence and capability.

At no point has The Church of Satan ever endorsed anything harmful or dangerous to the individual nor society at large.

The Satanic Panic saw an era of misinformation and fear being spread by people who saw the spark of a flame and doused it with gasoline distilled from lies and malice. Many people worked very hard to dispel that, and to cast out the shadows of that institutionalized fear.

So we’re all good now right? Everything is fine and we are all free to be who we are without worry of persecution or bodily harm right?

I wish it were so, and while I refuse to compromise my dreams and sense of aesthetic satisfaction, I’ve learned to play to my audience. I’ve learned to embrace the shadows and to walk among the herd covered in fleece, my teeth hidden with curt, smiling lips.

It’s more than just Lesser Magic, its safety for myself, my wife, my children and my place in the local community.

The Sigil of Baphomet is recognizable, powerful, and rarely lacks impact.

This individual made this post two years ago, then has recently come across my door in several groups I admin for. He was denied, blocked, and the post reported, of course. Who knows what his motivations were for, so long after making this declaration? Impossible to say and I don’t care to find out.


What does he fear? Why is he so angry? Where did he get his impressions from?

Fear wears many masks. It manifests as sadness, anger, hysteria… And all can be equally as dangerous.

It is important to all of you out there to remember this. Be free, be who you are, but be aware of your audience and the world in which you live. Being divisive and inflammatory and using the name of “Satan” to “piss off the normies” or to throw it in the public light just for kicks, can put you in real danger, and send us all back to a time thirty years ago, when a Satanist could be attacked, incarcerated, or worse by lynch mob mentality.

Think about this next time you decide to be “out” in public or on-line, and always check the profiles of people you don’t know trying to interact with you.

Stay safe out there and Hail Satan!

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