Your Guilt is Yours and Yours Alone

Let’s talk about guilt.

We are human animals acting on instinct in our own selfish best interests and for our own gratification. So why then carry the burden of guilt? Even in pleasure we often admit to guilt.

But why taint the experience and our joys with it? Why force that albatross around your own neck. What purpose does that serve? It doesn’t serve anything other than to remind us what not to do in the future, at least it should.

If you feel guilty about something, and yet find yourself repeating the act, be it eating something you shouldn’t, cheating on your significant other, or even listening to music that would embarrass you in front of your friends, you need to reevaluate.

Clearly these transgressions are important to you, more so than what you already have, or you wouldn’t be doing it. The pearl clutching fundamentalists would tell you simply to stop. To cease in those pursuits that bring you joy and gratification, stop torturing yourself with guilt.

And to that I say, YES! Stop torturing yourself with guilt.

Rather than go cold turkey and abstain however, I say it’s time to take a real hard look at yourself and the life you have built.

If you truly feel the grass is greener on the other side, maybe there is a reason for that. Maybe your relationship sucks and you stay in it out of pity, guilt, convenience or any other foundation equally unstable.

Do you start diets only to end in a carb-smothered binge of shame once you break it? Why diet in the first place? Unless you are on doctors orders, whose ideal are you trying to live up to? Do you feel you have to hide musical taste away from your friends because if they find you dancing to K-Pop they’ll ridicule you? Sounds like you have some shitty friends.

What I am getting at here is don’t let the guilt of others weigh you down into a life of mundane abstinence.

If you can’t stop cheating, get out of your relationship. Boom. It’s not cheating, it’s dating.

If your fat ass can’t get out of the buffet line at Izzy’s, don’t start Jazzercise, start power lifting or any other sport that demands a high calorie diet.

If your friends are too self conscious to sing Taylor Swift with you at drunken karaoke, fucking ditch them and find ones that will.

Don’t curtail your pleasures in life by calling them “guilty pleasures” curtail those in your life that inflict that guilt on you. If you inflict guilt on yourself, say smoking for example, if you know you need to quit, then just fucking do it. Stop being a pussy and wallowing in self pity because you “can’t”.
You can, you simply choose not to, so either own up to it and admit you enjoy smoking more than not smoking, or get off the pot! If you need help, get the help. Don’t let pride stop you from shedding the stones of guilt.  The only person tortured with guilt is you. the world does not care about your plight nor your guilt and regret. Learn a lesson from it, take a lump and shift your paradigm.

Al Pacino’s character John Milton in “The Devil’s Advocate” said it best:


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