The Sin of Hypocrisy

Most orthodox “sins” are laid out by an Abrahamic template designed to deny that which makes us human. We all know the seven deadly sins, and as Satanists, openly defy them as being non applicable to our vital existence. One man’s greed is another’s ambition. One man’s sloth is another’s day of rest. They are blanket statements so open to interpretation that they have no real world application other than to herd the masses into Church to apologize for living a fulfilling life. This is somehow an insult to the very Creator they revere.

Satanism has its own set of sins, ones that are not classified as “immoral” but detrimental to a carnal and elite human existence:

These are expounded on multiple times in all canonical Satanic literature and the official Church of Satan website.

I have found something that I feel fits along side these in my own personal opinion. A sin that I have encountered that is just as detrimental to enact, and to have enacted upon you. The sin of hypocrisy.

What is hypocrisy?

Claiming you adhere to one set of moral standards, and then behaving antithetical to that.

The act of saying you will do something, and then doing something in moral opposition to that.

Earning the trust of someone, only to use that trust to betray them.

Many hypocrites invoke the rules of “Lesser Magic” to excuse these manipulations, and in some cases it is justified. After all, Satanism IS a power based ideology. It is a delicate balance, but there is a definite line that gets crossed.

The strong rule the weak, the clever rule the simple, the “haves” triumph over the “have nots”. In navigating this life with such an ideology in your wheelhouse, you must eschew societal expectations of morality. Each individual has their own moral compass, thus we can only “judge” people based on their words, and their actions. If these are in direct conflict with each other, then we have a hypocrite, and all hope of trust and moral synchronicity is destroyed.

The use of manipulation, lies, and techniques that some consider underhanded are often tools that must be used to further ones ends. The however to that is that the clever magician has a sense of proportion and a measure of respect. Only those not worth their respect will be subject to their machinations, and when they take too big a bite, they will spit out the excess instead of choking. The wise magician saves their planning for those outside their cabal and inner circle and keeps their reputation intact to those who they hold in high esteem.

The Hypocrite, however, has no boundaries as far as who they see as a target in their scheming. They not only lack a moral compass of any sort, but they lack honor. Even those they respect will suffer the backlash when their two-faced ambition comes out into the light of day. How can you keep company with someone who willingly violates the trust of those you keep company with? Even when you are not in the direct path of their impact, the collateral damage reaches far and wide.

The Hypocrite will be on record saying one thing, puffing their chest and promoting their prowess and worth, but should their favor fade, they become the victim. They claim to be falsely maligned, and insist they have kept the high road while others drag them through the mud. They have kept the morale high ground, no matter how contrary it is. The unwise, or those outside the loop of information, will believe their pious and sanctimonious lamentations, and fall victim to their cries for support and attention. Meanwhile, those whom they have wronged will know the truth.

The Hypocrite will say whatever is needed to gain the approval and investments of those around them. Once the opportunity presents itself, they will turn heel and leave their promises unanswered and their commitments unfulfilled. Be careful when dealing with these types. There again, even if you are not their mark, the harm they do to those around you can and often will reflect onto you as well.  The Hypocrite will use the weight of those more powerful than themselves to gain the trust of others. They present themselves as a valued and willing emissary, a champion of worth and value. They may even, in fact, be elevated to such levels by those they claim to be beholden to. However once the need for that laurel is passed they will discard it in favor of personal gain, embarrassing those who held them in such esteem. Inevitably, even blatantly, damaging the reputation of those whom they represented. When the Hypocrite falls, they will drag whoever down they can to cushion their own fall from grace and buffet the reproach and scorn meant for them.

“Do as I say, not as I do.” is a common mantra for The Hypocrite. They dispense advice and are always eager to tell you what you should do. At the same time they manage to fail in taking their own advice or upholding the ideals they would foist upon you. Of course they are always eager to take the credit when there is success to be had, and somehow they seem to vanish when it is time to own failures.

One of the most blatant and often used tactics of those hypocrites without power is to cry out for people to act for “sake of morality”. The lame ducks often appeal to the sympathy of the masses to excommunicate the clever and powerful from their ranks in the name of “fairness” or “equality”. The mundane will invoke the sour grapes attitude when they realize they will never have that which others have.  It often sings to the tune of something like: “I could be as powerful as they are, but I have too much integrity to stoop to their level.”

Be warned! They take many forms, and can insert themselves into almost any facet of society.

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