What is it all for?

I have explored many pantheons in my three decades on this Earth.

I have sat with shaman and wise men of faiths from the East and the West. I have read books and scriptures and tomes uncountable, all have lead me to the same conclusion: Dogmatic law is bullshit.

In these churches and temples, I have found more hypocrisy than spirituality. I have witnessed more greed than gratuity and seen more atrocities wrought by the hands of the same people who would claim to elevate you.

The world is not black and white. As much as we like to categorize and put things into neat little boxes, this is simply not the way the world works. I have opened my eyes and accepted the unorthodox atheism that true Satanism provides.

It is time to break free of the invisible chains cast upon me by the selfish desires of others. It is time for logic, reason, and indulgence to guide me.

Walk with me, as Virgil lead Dante through the circles of Hell, and experience my lessons, failures, triumphs, and rebirth. With Baphomet as my co-pilot, let the journey begin.

Hail Satan.

Citizen Valefar